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Proxycensus Launches AGM Agenda Map & Vote Tip Analysis


Press Contact: Miguel Carrasco
Phone: +44 207 193 0461

Proxycensus Announces the launch of AGM Agenda Map & Vote Tip Analysis

Today, May 27th, 2014, Proxycensus Ltd announces the launch of AGM Agenda Map & Vote Tip analysis reports.

AGM Agenda Map is an interactive micro-site created by Proxycensus to complement the existing mobile App Myshares. By developing a centralized source of fundamental AGM information, coupled with the opportunity to purchase individual company governance related reports will enable individual shareholders, affordable, timely, public and easy access to voting advice. At present the AGM Agenda Map encompasses main Europe markets.

Miguel Carrasco MD at Proxycensus explains "Although many companies have gone to great lengths to ease the navigation of corporate websites it's still time consuming and tricky to track down AGM notices. Some are concealed in illogical places, whilst others can be found in annual reports. All we have simply done is to provide a direct link to the shareholder meeting notice or webpage where the meeting notice can be easily located without fuzz. This is all achieved through an intuitive map with a simple search functionality. However, it doesn't stop there, to help shareholders with their voting decisions we have expanded on our current commercial relationship with Manifest (The Proxy Voting Agency) to also provide a Vote Tip analysis. The Vote Tip analysis highlight any contentious issues on agenda item resolutions put forward by a companies management for shareholder scrutiny. At the moment the analysis provided by Manifest are for the UK companies, with a view to further expansion in the near future."

AGMAgenda Map & VoteTip


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