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Proxycensus announces ProxyLite

Today we announce ProxyLite, a unique app-based service that leverages the power of mobile technology to dramatically improve proxy solicitation and corporate governance.  

ProxyLite combines a mobile app, available in both Android and Apple versions, with an online web presence to create a highly effective engagement channel for companies and IR professionals.  

ProxyLite comprises a variety of shareholder services, ranging from a free AGM/EGM alert service to more sophisticated solutions designed to transform the once-burdensome process of proxy solicitation into a powerful corporate governance and digital marketing tool.

Miguel Carrasco, Proxycensus Managing Director, says:

"ProxyLite is an extremely effective paperless communications tool that leverages the power of new technology and is much more cost effective than a traditional proxy solicitation campaign."

The ProxyLite AGM/EGM communication service is designed to benefit all parties in the IR industry, including issuers, registrars, corporate advisors, proxy solicitors and corporate brokers.

Against a background of rising shareholder activism and calls for more effective corporate governance policies, IR professionals know that they need to find a better way to engage with investors.

"Companies need to rethink how they communicate with shareholders and most especially with their retail investors, whose influence has grown significantly in recent years" says Carrasco.

The move to eliminate paper-based proxy solicitations saves issuers on printing and mailing costs and creates opportunities for simplifying shareholder communications.

It also risks disenfranchising retail investors because of the trend to dematerialise shareholdings and the rise of online brokerage accounts, which are not optimised for shareholder communications.

Fortunately, the meteoric rise of mobile devices, gives companies and IR professionals a far more effective way to engage with shareholders and one that overcomes the disadvantages of both paper-based and existing electronic communications.

The ProxyLite services ranges from a free AGM/EGM alert notification service through to a comprehensive mobile-enabled IR solution that includes delivery of corporate governance documents direct to investors' smartphones or tablets.

The Basic alert notification service allows companies or their agents to send alerts to shareholders of a forthcoming AGM/EGM and the associated meeting agenda.

This Basic service is free of charge.

Basic Plus, which costs £299.99 a year,   builds on the Basic service by allowing investors to access the meeting agenda from Proxycensus' AGM Agenda website.

AGM Agenda aggregates the agenda alerts and proxy solicitations from thousands of companies listed on the world's leading stock markets, all conveniently accessible via a clickable global map.

AGM Agenda thus becomes the go-to online destination for investors who can find IR information for all their shareholdings in one convenient location.  

The Premium service extends the powerful marketing capabilities of Basic Plus by allowing businesses to include a banner ad in the mobile app that investors can click to immediately link to the company's IR or corporate governance page.

The Premium service, which costs £549.99 a year, also enables investors to download annual reports and other governance documents.  

The top-of-the-range Premium Plus service goes further by allowing a company to sponsor the ProxyLite app and display a full banner ad for one week.

About Proxycensus 

London-based Proxycensus was formed in 2008 by Miguel Carrasco, who had a vision of disrupting the investor relations industry using mobile and web technologies.  Proxycensus offers businesses a range of powerful investor engagement services & tools that includes the MyShares App, the AGM Agenda and ProxyLite.  

Miguel Carrasco
Managing Director
ProxyCensus Ltd
Phone: +44(0)20-7193-0461


SOURCE ProxyCensus Ltd


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