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Proxycensus Launches AGM Agenda to Encourage AGM/EGM Voter Turnout

Today we announce the launch of AGM Agenda, a free web-based service that empowers private investors with the information they need to attend and vote at shareholder meetings.

AGM Agenda enables investors to view the meeting notice and agenda of more than 1,700 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, main markets of Europe and the US.

Miguel Carrasco, Proxycensus Managing Director, says:

“To improve corporate governance, companies need to encourage greater participation of private investors and other small shareholders in company meetings. That’s why we set up AGM Agenda, to act as a one-stop shop for AGM/EGM meeting notifications that anyone can access with ease and without sifting through websites.”

As soon as a company meeting is announced, the notice is posted to the AGM Agenda website. Simply by clicking on an interactive map, investors can access an A-Z listing of all AGM/EGM events that have been announced for the main stock market of a given country.

A search facility allows users to search by company name or ISIN number and so quickly find a particular listed company and any associated meeting notice.

Investors can sign up to receive email notifications for companies of particular interest, so ensuring they never miss a meeting announcement that affects one of their portfolio holdings.

For a small fee, AGM Agenda also allows investors to also download ‘Voting Tips’, contentious item analysis reports that give insight and comment on contentious agenda items.

Voting Tips are a powerful premium feature on AGM Agenda and one that has traditionally been limited to institutional investors who need to make informed decisions on contentious proxy votes.

"For the first time, AGM Agenda creates a level playing field among investor classes by allowing individuals access to the same level of information and analysis that institutional investors use to identify contentious votes," says Mr Carrasco.

The contentious analysis reports are supplied by Manifest, a leading proxy voting agency, and they provide investors with conflict-free research and analysis of resolutions on a meeting agenda.

The reports accessible on AGM Agenda cost just £4.99, and payment is handled by via PayPal.

For those who'd prefer to receive free notification-on-the go the Myshares App is the perfect solution.

Miguel Carrasco
Managing Director
ProxyCensus Ltd
Phone: +44(0)20-7193-0461


SOURCE ProxyCensus Ltd


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